Why Diets Don't Work- and What Does

If you’re reading this, I’m betting you know that diets don’t work.

Or rather: a diet may work… for a bit. You may even lose a few pounds, and when you do, you’ll feel joyful and optimistic and confident that you’ve found THE one!

And then reality hits. Suddenly you realize that you simply miss your favorite foods. For instance, you miss being able to be spontaneous. Maybe you are just sick of eating the same things. Or counting. How about not being able to enjoy an evening out with friends and just eat whatever sounds good?

Lewis Howes said it beautifully: diets are about artificial restriction!

Artificial. They’re not natural to you, or they would already be how you are eating! If you have to significantly modify your habits overnight in order to follow a diet, it’s artificial. It’s unnatural.

Restriction. It involves you making the choice to adopt habits that restrict your eating behavior. For example, you must stop eating certain foods, or in certain quantities, or at certain times.

Artificial restriction is not a long-term lifestyle! Also, it’s miserable. And so you revert back to your old habits, simply no longer capable of maintaining those unnatural, uncomfortable, unpleasant eating habits.

Why Diets Don't Work and What Does
Why Diets Don’t Work and What Does

So what does work?

What does work: changing your lifestyle to suit your goals.

What does work: tuning in and connecting with your body, and learning, based on experience, what foods make your body happy.

What does work: tuning in and connecting with your body, and learning, based on experience, what foods make you feel sluggish or bloated or uncomfortable- and choosing to eat those foods less, because you know doing so makes sense for your body and your lifestyle!

What does work: allowing the process to take time. Being patient and realizing you’re adopting a new lifestyle, that will be your new way of eating: for life! Also appreciating that being able to learn how to eat well, for a lifetime of health and happiness, is worth taking a little extra time.

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AND… if you want to get started today, doing better with your nutrition, naturally and without obsessing or counting, you can check out this post on Intuitive Eating, or even grab our guide to get started with intuitive eating, below!

So what do you think? Have you found a diet that works well for you and has become a lifestyle? Share below or hit me up here with a message, I want to connect with you!