“It’s not what you’ve got, it what you use that makes the difference.” ~Zig Ziglar

Every day and every week is a chance for you to become the strongest, healthiest, most balanced and connected version of yourself!

If you’re here, you might be considering hiring a running coach, and that makes me so happy! Whether you choose to hire me (which I’d love, love, love) or choose another awesome certified coach out there, what brings me joy is when women and girls discover their strength, and a running coach can absolutely help you do just that.

Is it expensive to have a running coach?

Before we get into what it’s like, I want to talk about the cost, and here’s why: if you’re like most women, and especially moms, you are inclined to think, “I can’t spend money like that on myself when we have ‘more important’ expenses.”

Can you relate?

I know I can, because for years and years, that’s exactly how I thought, too! I felt like spending money on myself was unnecessary and over the top.

And I will tell you: I still color my own hair, do my own weekly pedicure (I’m a runner, my toes desperately need the TLC weekly!), and DIY everything I possibly can.

However, there are two reasons I finally decided a running coach was worth the cost.

First: I don’t have any sort of gym membership, because the roads are always open, and free! And while the cost of coaching varies greatly, anywhere from $50 a month to several hundred, most coaches charge in the range of what a monthly gym membership might be. When you start to think about group exercise classes the pricing becomes even more reasonable! Spin classes, yoga classes, boot camp classes, and the like all tend to run an average of around $15 per class. If you work out even just two times a week at a group class, that adds up quickly, and can come in as much more than a monthly coaching plan!

Second: this is about your mental health. When you feel strong and healthy, you feel better overall. When you feel better overall, everyone in your orbit benefits. You have more to give! And that, my friend, is priceless.

So yes, you are absolutely worth it.

What is it like to have a running coach?

What’s so great about having a running coach is that it’s completely about you! There are plenty of free training plans out there, but none of them take into account all the things that make you unique. And those things that make you unique can make those training plans either too demanding, too much too quickly (and risk injury or even simply burning out out of frustration) or even too easy for you (leaving you with all sorts of untapped potential left on the table!).

How do we get started?

As a running coach, my goal is always going to be to first, assess your current fitness, but much more than that. Because my passion is counseling and mindset, I want to not only know where you are starting with your fitness, but also how you think about your running, your nutrition, your time management and the demands on your time, and even your relationships. It all matters, and being able to look at the big picture will help set you up for success!

We may need to focus first on what’s called building the base, or a few weeks or a couple months of just simply easy runs to build your endurance.

Or you may have that base already under you, and be ready to start increasing your mileage and adding in some speed workouts!

You might need to add in some cross training or strength work to support your running, and help you stay injury-free.

What happens next?

Once we’ve had some great conversations about you and all that makes you special, we can discuss goals and get you moving!

A great coach will help you choose a goal that will challenge you, but is realistic. It is so important to strike that balance! You want to feel challenged, because that is where the magic happens. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” applies to not only your body, but your mind. Doing hard things is an empowering practice, and we will discover together what hard looks like for you!

At the same time, your goal should be attainable, within the confines of your busy life! If you can only train four times a week for less than an hour, a marathon isn’t a reasonable goal, but a 5K, and even a fast 5K, absolutely can be!

Once your goal is set, it’s time for you to get your training plan and get going!

It’s go time! Now that I know all I need to know about your readiness, you get to hand the reigns over to me! You no longer have to try to think about what workouts you need to do this week to reach your goals, because I am doing the thinking for you!

All you have to do: open your app on your phone or your watch, check out your workout, and GO!

Each week we will discuss how you’re feeling, how your workouts went, and each week I’ll build a plan to help you keep progressing towards your goal!

What if you miss a workout? What if you get sick, a kid gets sick, or you have to travel for work?

This is where a coach really is a game changer! No free training plan is going to help you pivot, but a coach can. Need to take a week off? I can change your training plan so that you pick up where you left off and still can attain your goals!

How can a running coach help you take your fitness to the next level?

We’ve already talked about how your training plan will be completely tailored to your current fitness, and your goals, but what’s so great about working with someone who is totally about YOU:

A coach can help you find that sweet spot, where you are pushing hard enough to maximize your potential and discover all the joy and confidence that comes from doing so, but not so hard that you get injured!

In other words: you train harder, but even more importantly, you train smarter!

Training smart is not just how you can achieve your goals, but it’s also how you can stay consistently getting all the mental health benefits out of your sport and out of your time commitment!

We all know- the runner’s high is always worth the effort, both for the runner, and the runner’s loved ones!

Want to learn more?

I would love to connect with you! You can hit the Contact button, set up a free discovery call, or just send me an email and tell me about yourself and your goals!

And in the meantime, you can check out this post on my Body Peace program– I’d love to share it with YOU!

Until next time: do something today that brings you joy and makes you feel amazing!