Want to learn how to find calm, center yourself, and be more productive, even in the midst of your busy, crazy, wonderful life?

If the answer is “Yes, Cori!” then this book is for you!

Before we go any further, I’ll just get this out of the way: it’s about meditating.

But please keep reading! Because if you are anything like me, and meditation has been on your To Do list for years, but every time you try, you feel like a humongous failure, then trust me: read on.

I’ve tried apps. I’ve tried podcasts. I’ve tried books.

I truly want to be able to meditate, and yet for years I have completely bombed at it. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s been at least 15 years, and I know that because my middle child is 15, and when he was born and I became a stay at home mom, well that’s when it really all fell apart.

I have never considered myself someone who is particularly chill. In the spirit of authenticity, I’ve always been tightly wound, driven, and battled a little bit of hyper-anxiety. But when I went from a working mom of one child directly to a stay-at-home mom of two? All sense of control went out the window. Motherhood will do that, right? ?

Since that time, I have tried to make meditation stick no fewer than 25 times. And each time, I simply couldn’t create a habit. I might make it a few days, maybe a couple weeks, at most a month, but I never made it a part of my lifestyle.

And what’s worse: even while I was trying so hard to meditate, so hard to find the calm and centered place I knew I wanted to mother from, I was constantly feeling like I was a really, really lousy meditator.

My mind wandered CONSTANTLY. And usually when I finally gave up and let myself be done with the session, I wasn’t calmer. I was only frustrated with myself.

This book has changed the game, and it’s stuck!

(For the record- I get zero kickback on that link, I put it there because I truly want you to go buy the book and feel the positivity, too!)❤️

Here’s what makes Emily Fletcher’s book different:

You will learn all the benefits of meditation.

Okay, that might not technically be different than all the other meditation books out there. But her approach is! Not only did I find it compelling enough to read it cover to cover, but my teenage son did the same! He is wired like me and struggles with stress and anxiety, and when I suggested he check it out, I honestly wasn’t sure if he would.

But he did. And he saw the value, too.

So, for starters: it reads well and is compelling, whether you’re a 40-something mom or a teenage boy.

You will learn her Z Technique for meditation.

Game. Changer.

THIS is the meditation technique I had been waiting for for 15 years!

I won’t go into it because I want to give you the chance to experience the book and the technique in a truly meaningful way, rather than just take my words and try to apply it.

But I will share this tidbit: you don’t need a special meditation pillow. You don’t need special music. In fact, you can find the calm you desire and deserve, even while your family is busy running around you, or you’re riding the train to work!

It’s accessible, no matter what you’re doing.

The bottom line: it is powerful, AND simple. In all my apps and all my books and all my attempts, I had yet to find that particular combination.

And finally, what truly changed meditation for me, for good:

This book is a gift, from cover to cover, and maybe you’ll find a nugget that is more meaningful than this one, but for me, this was it.

It was the moment she shared this:

Thoughts are not the enemy of meditation. Effort is.

Emily Fletcher.

My son has the book and is on vacation and took it with him (that’s how good it is!), so I am not sure that’s the exact quote, but that was my takeaway, so we’ll go with it.

For years and years, I felt like a failure because, while attempting to meditate, I was thinking about my to do list, or the orthodontist appointment I need to reschedule, or even worse, my mind was wandering to really unpleasant places like self-comparison and judgment. Yuck.

And of course my mind still goes there. I have a busy mind, just like most people.

But now? When my mind goes there, I don’t think that I am failing!

Instead, I remember this quote, and I try to make the meditation easy.

How great is that!? Instead of self-criticism and blame, you gently, kindly, bring yourself back into the space of ease and calm.

Game. Changer.

I could go on and on but if you’re still reading, I hope you’re considering getting a copy for yourself. My wish with this entire blog and all that I do is that more moms feel confident and connected, strong and calm.

And while I promised that I wasn’t going to go into the actual technique because I want you to read the book, I will say this one last thing: there is an element of it that involves setting your intention.

So it’s not just about finding calm, but also about getting after your goals!

I hope you buy the book- again, here’s the link.

And if you’re interested in getting more purposeful about your weekly and daily schedule, so that you can carve out time for your new meditation practice, I’d encourage you to download our Sunday Checklist, below!

Namaste, hugs, and all the good stuff.