Many runners rely on their running playlists to find the motivation to keep moving forward!

Some days the music is background noise. You are in the zone and can run for awhile with your own thoughts, barely noticing that your music is there.

Other days, the music is the only thing that gets you through!

And then there are the runs that are a bit of each, with motivation ebbing and flowing as you eat up the miles.

At Mom’s Running Club, we love to talk music, and we love our running playlists!

We regularly share new songs we find that give us the energy we need, songs that make us emotional or inspired, and playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, or Pinterest that we love!

And we want to share our music with you, too!

I hope you’ll check out our Pinterest Board here, or hop over to Spotify here, where my own personal Spotify account has all my favorite playlists and is constantly being updated!

And before you do, here’s a quick what’s what to help you find what you’re looking for.


This is the playlist I save for special occasions. These are the songs that will keep you running at your highest level. Use sparingly and wisely. 😉

Run and Run More:

Two playlists with similar music, but the first one got too long so I divided it up into two. Just good running music.

Dance Pop Running and More Dance Pop Running:

Should be self-explanatory, right?

Running on Faith:

Uptempo worship music, baby!

180 BPM:

They say 180 is the ideal running cadence, and I found that when I wanted to increase my cadence, running to music at 180 beats per minute made it so much easier! And for the record: running at a higher cadence actually makes running easier too!

Old School Running:

This one was really fun to make! Everything from Stevie Wonder to Bryan Adams to Queen to Guns N’ Roses. Old school, baby.

Country Running:

I admit, I’m a country rock kind of girl, so I gravitate towards Eric Church, but these are some of my other favorites, and I welcome your input if you’re a country runner yourself! Email me or comment below with them, please!


This one is more about the message than the beat, and even includes some spoken word, all designed to help you dig deep!


This is your race playlist for a loooooong race. 😉


This playlist is inspired by the dance feel of some spin classes. Spin to it, or run to it (or clean to it, lol)!

And also:

Just a couple other playlists I have on my profile you might enjoy including Music the Kids Should Know (what would you add?!), Christmas Day (pop, alternative, country, and traditional tunes), and Fourth Party (for fun parties when you want to celebrate our great nation and just being together!).

I get ZERO kickbacks from Spotify, just in case you were wondering, but if you want to check out all the playlists, you can click the image below!

And if you’re a busy mom like myself and the moms in Mom’s Running Club, you might love to grab our Sunday Checklist. It’s a tool we love for getting organized on Sunday, so we actually have time for our runs- and everything else we want (and need) to accomplish!

Is it obvious I love music? I do, and I love to talk about music, too!

What are your absolute favorite running songs? If you have a favorite running playlist on your Spotify profile, or want to share one you found on Pinterest on elsewhere, please, please comment below or email me! I am always looking for inspiration and I know first hand that there are days when I am riding in the car and a song comes on and I immediately think, “HOW is this not on my Race playlist?!” ?