The only diet rule you truly need! I am making a big promise, aren’t I? And if you’re like so many of us, you want to know what that rule is! You want to finally, once and for all, figure out how to eat and feel healthy and clean and lean and strong and confident! Right?

It’s not your fault.

If you are one who clicks through with hope and optimism when you see another new diet rule or diet plan promising you results… it’s not your fault. Not even a little bit.

We have ALL been buying into the madness for too long now!

For me, it began in the 80’s as a teenager, and it was the low-fat rule. Do I really need to paint a picture for you, or were you there with me? You’re a teenager- strike one against having balanced mental health, right? And then you’re trying to eat low fat? How’s that for a recipe for headachy, cranky, and moody? Sheesh, it’s a wonder any of us made it out in one piece!

Since then it’s been low carb, high fat, low sugar, no sugar, no white stuff, no refined stuff, all whole foods, what else would you add?

And while some elements of some of those suggested ways of eating actually may have held some merit, I am not here to debate any of them.

Instead, I am here to tell you the one “rule” you truly need.

Are you ready?

Okay, here goes.

Fill in the blank:

“I feel better when I….”

Yes. That’s it.

You can substitute “best” for “better,” but I am here to tell you that the best gift you could ever give your body and your health would be to simply tune in, and listen, and let your body tell you what will make you feel best.

It may feel unnatural. I get it. You want someone to tell you how to eat. You want to follow the “diet” (one of the worst four-letter words out there), that has worked for your friend, or your sister, or that gorgeous rock star.

But here’s the question I want you to really and truly consider: how has that worked for you so far?

If you are what I refer to as a “diet bandwagon jumper,” then it hasn’t worked for you! If you are one who is on a diet and achieves some level of success, then goes off the diet, then gains the weight back, then lathers, rinses, and repeats… it’s not working.

Let me repeat: it’s not your fault. You’re not bad. You’re not a failure. You’re simply still buying into the madness.

And the madness? It’s a multibillion-dollar industry! “They” want you to keep buying into it! Diet and fitness and health gurus and companies want you to follow their plan, so they can make money off you!

Also, let me say this: there are some plans out there that have a lot of merit. Eating whole foods? Oh my goodness, yes! Consuming less sugar? Well, that depends on how much you’re consuming now, but yes, for the most part, pretty much all of us feel better on less sugar over more sugar.

So I 100% encourage you to read and learn! It’s not about tuning all the messages out. Instead, it’s about filtering them all through the only lens that really matters: how you feel in your body.

If you are willing to try it, it can change your health, and your life. And most definitely your happiness.

I’m serious. It is that far-reaching.

  • Can you imagine feeling confident around food?
  • What would it feel like to no longer be looking outside yourself for resources and answers?
  • If you never picked up another diet book, feeling desperate and frustrated and just hoping this is the one that finally works, how wonderful would that be?

I can answer that for you!

  • It would feel empowering, because you would know that you are caring for your body.
  • Your body would feel well-fueled.
  • Forget trying to lose that last twenty pounds or that first 100 pounds. Instead, you would enjoy your body finding its natural set point weight. There is an ideal weight where you naturally should be, without starving or counting or obsessing.. and your body would over time, find its way there.

What does it look like to apply this “rule?”

You must be willing to trust yourself.

Most of us have lost confidence in our ability to fuel our bodies well. Most of us believe we need a scale to tell us if we are being successful.

If you have ever felt out of control around food, I get it. Trusting yourself isn’t going to come easily or naturally.

But what I’d like you to consider is this: if you have felt out of control around food, it is very likely the result of trying to deprive yourself.

If you’ve tried to resist eating that chocolate, or having that wine, then you’re depriving yourself.

When you follow this one diet ‘rule,’ then you don’t have to deprive yourself.

You simply make your choices through the filter of: “I feel better when I…”

Think of it as your mantra, your mindset shift, your new practice, your new “diet plan,” if you feel like you need a “plan.”

Make it your rule, then tune in!

Because this rule, applied often enough, for long enough, will be the last rule you will ever need.

Did you catch that? Apply it often, and indefinitely. You won’t be perfect! I have been applying this rule for the past six years, since I quit the scale and began eating intuitively instead, and I still have days where I go sideways and eat a pound of Peanut Butter M&M’s. (yes. a whole pound. or more!)

But healthy isn’t something that happens in one sitting, or one day, or especially one fun-filled weekend. It’s the sum total of all the behaviors- all the workouts, all the nutrition, all the glasses of wine, all the chocolate, and all the self-care and self-indulgence. There is room for it all with this rule!

Some days you’ll have a second or third glass of wine, knowing you may not feel your best tomorrow… but it will be in the name of a fun night with your partner, or a girls weekend. And that’s perfect and awesome.

And other days, you will realize that you want to have a great run in the morning, and you’ll skip the wine altogether… but it will be your choice, and so you know what?

It will feel like empowerment, not deprivation!

I promise this stuff works. This rule is the only rule you need.

If you’re scared, or think you can’t, or think it’s too hard, but you really, really want to believe it can work, then I say find an accountability partner or group! If you truly want it to work, then you want to commit to it long-term, so find someone, or a group of someones, who will help you stick to it!

Mom’s Running Club is just that kind of group. We are all moms who just want to feel our best, without obsessing or counting or starving. Many of us love running, some of us actually prefer other forms of exercise, but all of us care about one another.

If you’d like more info on joining so you can apply the only rule you’ll ever need, please message me with your questions, or check it out here!

Until next time, I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of trusting yourself. Even if it’s only for the rest of today. Treat it like an experiment.

Because you deserve it. You deserve to feel amazing, and confident, and connected. To your body, your spirit, and especially to those you love.



Want to learn more about intuitive eating in general? Again, you can check out this link, or even get your Intuitive Eating PDF below!