I know I am a little behind on sharing my thoughts on how we are all coping with COVID-19, but in all transparency: it put me in a little bit of a funk for a minute.

I am typically a positive, you-choose-your-own-attitude kind of person. Oh, and I’m an introvert, so staying home? No problem!

But this is extra, right? This comes with uncertainty.

We still don’t know how long social distancing will last. Or how intense it will be, and how truly limited we will be from leaving our homes.

We don’t know:

  • How to keep us all healthy.
  • If we will lose someone we love.
  • When our kids will go back to school this year,
  • Or if we will even see the fallout from this into the summer or the fall or beyond.
  • How to keep our kids occupied.
  • What will happen to our economy, our jobs, our local businesses…
  • And the list goes on.

So we are dealing with a brand new virus, but also so many unknowns. And even for the most laid back, go-with-the-flow of us, the unknown can be scary when you’re talking pandemic.

In my own community, e-learning had not yet been formally implemented, so the first part of this week was dedicated to the school staff and teachers working behind the scenes and getting it set up. So since our kids were released from school on Friday, we had a four day weekend with little to do.

Here’s what happened: we all kind of moved about aimlessly, and we were all exhausted.

We had nowhere to be, no agenda, no priorities, could sleep as much as we wanted.. and we were all exhausted?

See, that’s not actually physical fatigue. That’s mental, emotional, psychological fatigue, friends. And if you have found that you are experiencing something similar, I want you to know- you’re not alone. This is some serious funk-producing stuff we are dealing with!

So I thought I would share a few tips and tricks we are finding helpful in the Johnson household and our MRC community.

But before I do, I want to take just a moment and reiterate the Mom’s Running Club philosophy, so you know where this is coming from.

Last year I created a course called The Love Strong Mom Formula, which truly encapsulates all we believe and how we strive to live in Mom’s Running Club. The purpose of this course was to teach and empower moms to create a healthy lifestyle plan for themselves. You can learn more about it here but ultimately, what I want moms to understand is the following:

You feel better when you take great care of yourself.


You don’t need a guru to tell you what your body needs. Your body holds all the answers. You simply need to tune in and listen. (And yes, if you’ve never done that, you may need some guidance as you figure it out.)

and finally:

Confidence can be found in digging deep and challenging yourself. You can simply work out, or you can work out hard and test your limits. Testing your limits is where you grow, and discover your true nature- which is limitless!

I share this because I want you to remember: your strength to not just endure this time, but to actually make it meaningful for your family? It’s within you.

My wish is always always always going to be to guide you back to YOU. You are stronger than you realize, you are more powerful than you know, and if you want to make this challenging time a time of growth and learning and reflection for yourself and your family, you absolutely can.

The Mom’s Running Club Guide to Coping with COVID-19. We got you mama, and you got this!

You possess the wisdom you need right now.

As with everything it takes to learn for yourself how to eat, and how to move, how to navigate this time… you are capable of doing so, if you are willing to look within.

I’ve done so, and as I have been connecting with the moms in Mom’s Running Club, here’s what we have come up with.

First: you must prioritize your own health and wellness.

This is always essential, but never more so than now! When times are stressful and kids are trapped at home? I can’t see any time where it is more important that you feel good!

All the things you know you want to be doing: moving, drinking water, eating nutrient-dense foods, spending time in mindfulness or prayer. This is the time to bump that up to the very top of the list!

Yes. The very top. Before e-learning. Before checking CNN for the latest virus updates. Take care of you first, simply so that you can take care of them!

Second: you may want to seriously consider maintaining a routine.

I’m actually not going to tell you you must maintain a routine. I am only going to tell you that many of us have found that doing so is helpful.

Put it this way: when my senior in high school says, “I don’t know if we really need a strict e-learning schedule, but we really do need to get up at 8 and get going. Sleeping in makes us feel worse,” and is announcing this to his younger siblings? Yes, it’s helpful.

For me, setting an alarm and hitting my workout and shower, then making breakfast as they start their e-learning day has been huge. I feel more productive, I feel a greater sense of purpose, and I feel like I’m caring for my people. All those things? They feel better than moving aimlessly.

The Mom’s Running Club Guide to Coping with COVID-19

Third: find ways to connect with other moms.

While I have always loved our Facebook group where our MRC members hang out, wow, wow, wow, I have never loved it more than I do now!

I am the first one to say that pre-COVID-19, I was burned out on social media. But now? I’m seeing it in a different light, as it does become one of our most reliable ways to connect.

Yes, you still need to use your inner wisdom and pay attention to what you’re filtering in, but if you are wise, Facebook, Instagram and whatever your favorite outlets are? They can become a lifeline for connecting with others, and especially with other moms.

Fourth: lean in.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and while we certainly don’t understand the bigger picture of all this and won’t for a long time…

God is good, all the time.

If you have ever desired a deliberate prayer or meditation practice, this is the time to make that happen. Lean in, my friends.

Again, you know what you need, and I encourage you to take the time to figure out how you want to lead your family right now. So take from these tips what you find helpful, and leave what you don’t.

If you want a more intimate connection than you are finding in the big-picture social media outlets, our Mom’s Running Club is small but mighty. If you think now might be the time to join, please know this: as we are in uncertain times, and that includes financial uncertainty, I will not let money stand between any mom and meaningful connection. I will absolutely work with you. We are already super affordable, but if you need more affordable: I got you, mama.

And: you totally don’t have to be a runner. You need only be a mom, desiring to be your very best so you can be your very best to those you love.

Please, stay safe and hug your people for me.



OH, and I almost forgot! If you find that routine and planning helps you, one thing you might love right now is our Sunday Checklist! It will help you get your week off on the right foot and love your weekend even more, feeling confident in all you’ve accomplished!