The Busy Mom's Guide to Becoming a Runner
The Busy Mom’s Guide to Becoming a Runner

Is it super easy to become a runner?

Yes, and no.

Can you just put on your shoes and go run?  Absolutely.  And if the mood strikes, and you maybe have beautiful weather, or something on your mind you need to work through, or you just want to go and get sweaty and need to escape your house and the craziness…  then you totally should just put on your shoes and go run.

And I for one (along with your Mom’s Running Club compadres) will celebrate every single time you do!

But ultimately, creating a habit like running can be made, or broken, in the initial phase of trying to get started, especially for busy moms.

Let’s consider…

  • There are a dozen things we could be doing at any given moment, and so carving out time for our own health and fitness often feels like we are dropping the ball somewhere else.
  • Even when we carve out time, our responsibilities can often sideline us in an instant. We all know how the best-laid plans can go out the window with a call from the school to come get a sick kid, or a project a child “just remembered” is due tomorrow, or a game that gets rescheduled to… tonight???
  • And of course there’s just good old plain fatigue.  Right?

I know you know what I’m talking about. And I love that you get it. That’s the power of a community of busy moms, all working to be the best moms we can be… but still knowing that we must take great care of ourselves, because if we don’t, how can we take great care of them!?

So know that I get it. We get it.

And know that you can still do this.

I created the “How to Become a Runner (the Body Peace way)” guide for the mom like you. 

Can you create a habit in three days? No.

But you can, in just three days, create the intention, get your mindset on straight, and set the stage for success!

Check out this video for a short intro to the Guide, and then grab your copy here!

I hope you find it inspiring and exciting, and feel empowered to create your running habit! And as you know, we are always here for you. If you aren’t sure where to find your accountability buddy, I got you. Check out the Join page, or email me here- we’ll get you connected with our community, and you’ll never look back!