It’s fall!  How do I know?  Because today I am making my almost-famous Slow Cooker Bean Pot Dinner, AKA “bean pot.” This slow cooker dinner is a family tradition, one that I have modified over the years, and it literally brings me a warm-fuzzy feeling when, for the first time in the season, I give the ingredients a good stir in the slow cooker, put the lid on, and then just wait for dinner time to arrive!

Now.  I know not everyone loves beans.  And yes, beans come with their own set of, ummm… issues.  But the flavors here are sweet and a little bit tangy, it’s full of protein and fiber, and it’s just great comfort food.  

And as my husband says, “No self-respecting man doesn’t love the bean pot.”

I have made modifications over the years.  My mom’s recipe was made with ground beef, I make mine with ground turkey.  She used bacon, I pass on the bacon.  My kids are not big fans of beans, so I’ve swapped out the large butter beans for great northern beans, and then the firmer red kidney beans for white kidney beans.  

So, adjust accordingly!  Serve with crusty rolls, or Trader Joe’s Pretzel Rolls if you can get them!

Slow Cooker Bean Pot Dinner is an awesome, family-friendly, comfort food make-ahead dinner that will have the house smelling amazing!


  • Ground turkey, 1.25 pounds
  • Sweet onion, one large, diced
  • Baked beans, 28 oz cans, two
  • Beans of your choice, two 16 oz cans (best options:  kidney beans and butter beans, but any will work, choose according to your family’s preference)
  • Ketchup, 1/2 cup
  • Brown sugar, 1/2 cup
  • White vinegar, 1 T
  • Liquid smoke, 1 T
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


  • Saute onions and ground turkey together until turkey is browned and broken up, and onions are soft.  Drain.
  • Place turkey, onions, and remaining ingredients in slow cooker/crock pot.
  • Heat on low at least five hours, all day if you’d like!
  • Enjoy!

What is your family’s favorite cold weather crock pot meal?  I’d love to hear!  Tis the season!