Today’s post is what we call a mindfulness minute. Our mission here is to give you quick, easily digestible (no pun intended) tidbits that will help you live healthier and feel better. In the case of today’s mindfulness minute, we are going to move you down the path to embracing a lifestyle that includes intuitive eating!

The path to intuitive eating should be like embarking upon a really long spa day.

excerpt from The Love Strong Mom Formula

I know. That sounds crazy, right?

It sounds crazy if you happen to be somewhere between, let’s say, age 35 and 55. Because if that’s you (it’s definitely me), you grew up with the age of low-cal, low-fat, starvation diet misery!

But we are over all that!

We are moving away from the diet mentality, and the idea of strict plans and deprivation. Instead, we are choosing the idea that all foods are okay, and we simply choose to eat in a way that makes us feel fueled, energized, and happy.

Nutrient-dense whole foods: happy, energized, and happy.

Less nutrient-dense foods: the occasional treats we savor and enjoy, guilt-free, because we know there is room for all foods in a healthy lifestyle!

Okay, I promised you super simple, and I like to be a girl of my word.

Today’s mindfulness minute is as simple as three words.

More. Good. Foods.

Grammatically, I know it’s a little jacked up, but I really want to keep it simple and memorable.

Friends: we have spent way too many years trying to figure out how to STOP consuming what we think of as “bad foods.”

But the beautiful thing is: with intuitive eating, you can consume anything and everything you want!

For me personally? The foods that I tend to overdo are the sweet and the salty. Yours may be different, but mine are, in no particular order: chocolate, ice cream, and Kettle Chips Krinkle Classic BBQ chips.

(Just to be sure you know I am being real here, check this out- this is from Amazon Prime. I can’t find these chips in most stores, so I buy them on Prime. And when I do, I buy like four or five bags at a time. ?? They are SO good!)

So, what does “More Good Foods” mean anyway?

  • Eat the rainbow. Prioritize your daily five (or more) of servings of fresh veggies and fruits.
  • Be mindful of getting healthy protein for energy. Nuts, seeds, turkey, what are your favorite clean proteins? Reach for them regularly throughout your day, to keep your energy up and your sugar cravings down.
  • Make it yourself instead of eating it out of a package. Whenever possible, eat out of your own kitchen!
  • Read labels and strive for foods that are made from whole ingredients. And when you need to grab-and-go, become a label reader. If you recognize the ingredients as foods you might have in your own pantry, go for it! If the ingredients have 14 letters and you’ve never heard of them or know they’re made in a lab? Move on!

Even if you do absolutely nothing about trying to cut back on your chocolate and chips (or whatever your favorite vices are), then by making More Good Foods a priority, you are filling yourself up with… well… More Good Foods.

And when you’re fueled properly, with healthy, nutrient-dense foods, you not only have less room for the less-healthy foods, but you will also begin to love how you feel!

Put very simply: the more you pursue nutritious, whole foods, the better you feel.

The better you feel, the more you want to keep that feeling going.

And the more that snowballs, the more you will discover that your cravings for the less-nutrient-dense foods will just kind of fade away.

You’ll still enjoy your chocolate and chips (or wine or beer or pizza or burgers), but when you do? You will really, really enjoy them!

Intuitive eating isn’t simply about listening to your body and giving it the healthy stuff it craves. It is also most definitely about enjoying all the other foods you used to consider “off limits” or “bad foods!”

Super simple, right?

That’s intuitive eating! It’s not rocket science, it’s not hard and strict rules. It’s eating more good foods, more often, because you love how your body feels on them!

I hope this is resonating with you, and I hope you can begin to apply it, today!

And if you’d like more info on Intuitive Eating, you can check out this post and do a little deeper dive.

And if you are thinking, “I don’t know, Cori, I’ve been eating so poorly for so long, I don’t know if can really do this on my own,” then I’d love to have you join us for our next round of The Love Strong Mom Formula!

You can find out more here!

Until next time, I just want to remind you of this: when it comes to eating well and moving well and caring for yourself well- the answers are truly all inside you. You don’t need another guru or another diet. You simply need to tune in and listen.

You got this, mama.