As we enter into the second half of January, many of us are beginning to see how our New Year’s Resolutions may be slipping away. And so it becomes a great time to talk about Mindset.

It happens!  As I talked about in my last post, sometimes we aim too high with our goals, and sometimes life just takes over.

Mindset is an important part of the culture and vernacular in Mom’s Running Club.  We talk about it often, because when you keep your mindset in a healthy place, achieving your goals becomes easier!

What is Mindset?  Simply put, it is the Habits of the Mind. Mindset can be considered how you habitually think about a topic or relationship or challenge in your life. What are the messages you consistently send yourself?  Those messages are your Mindset.

You may have a mindset surrounding your health, fitness, relationships, even your rest and relationships.

Below is a video I did on Facebook discussing Mindset 101.  Check it out!  And for those of you who like to read, I’ll include a few notes as well:

Mindset 101 for healthy and happy

Mindset 101 for healthy and happiness for busy moms

Mindset is not “The Secret.”

Mindset is not the same as saying “I am a good runner” and if you believe hard enough, you’ll magically become a good runner.  Instead, Mindset is shifting the habits of your mind so that you embrace the thought processes that will serve you best.  It’s about being willing to do hard work, and knowing that growing and changing is within you, even when it is challenging. Instead of saying, “I am a good runner,” a positive mindset surrounding running might be, “Running is challenging, but if I am willing to do the work, and be patient with myself, I can be the best runner I am meant to be.”

You can embrace either a Growth Or Fixed Mindset.

A fixed mindset says:

  • You are either talented or you’re not.
  • If you’re not, don’t bother trying because you’ll never be good at it.
  • When others succeed, it’s because they have that talent, or they got lucky.

A growth mindset says:

  • You may have been born with a skill set, but you can maximize your potential with hard work.
  • Trying new things is a way to grow and become.  You may not succeed, but you will never know if you don’t try.
  • The success of others inspires you.  It reminds you that anything is possible with hard work.

How can you change your mindset when you struggle, or adopt a new, more positive and productive mindset?

  1. Be aware of your habits.  To change any habit, the first step is to simply notice.  Notice what is working.  Notice what is not working.  When you tell yourself “I got this,” notice how you feel stronger.  When you tell yourself, “I am powerless against sugar,” notice how weak you feel.  You send yourself many messages a day- both positive and negative- and those messages become your reality.
  2. Learn how to reframe.  Once you understand your habits, you can start to examine ways to shift them to a more positive, more productive habit.  An example may be taking “I am a bad cook” and embracing instead, “I am going to learn one new recipe every week to begin to learn how to cook.”
  3. Absolutely, most definitely, without a doubt, have a positive, supportive community.  Share your journey with others who are like-minded and working to be their very best.  When you struggle, share your struggles.  Ask them to hold you accountable.  Hold others accountable.  Mom’s Running Club is such a community, but you can create one for yourself.  Just be sure it’s a group of non-judgmental, accepting, encouraging people.  They don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be committed to working hard to be their very best!


And A Secret Weapon:  “I Get To”

This is a game changer!

I don’t always remember to call on this shift, but when I do?  Game on!

We live in a society with more privilege and more blessings and more opportunity than anywhere else.  We get to do more than many in the world can even dream of.

So when you’re struggling?

When you’re running and it’s hard:  think of all those who can’t even walk.  You get to run!

When you’re overwhelmed with kid carpool, think of those who would be overjoyed to be parents and get to carpool.

When you’re tired and don’t want to take the time to do a bedtime story, remember:  you get to spend that quality time connecting with your child.

Try it.  I think you’ll like it.

Check out the video below where I chat about Mindset on good old Facebook Live.

So, what are the biggest Mindset shifts you want to work on?  Not sure where to start?  Email me, let’s chat!  I am absolutely in love with seeing moms feel better and rock their goals!  Or simply just want to jump into Mom’s Running Club, right now?  Click here and join the most wonderful, encouraging, positive, REAL group you can ever hope to know!