At some chapters in our lives, it can feel downright impossible to find time to work out! Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a work from home mom, or a mom who works outside the home- you are busy, and your time is valuable and often scarce.

It’s been said that there are never enough hours in the day, and I may be biased, but I think that’s the truest for busy moms.

We are all busy. I am here right now to first honor you, wherever you are. Staying at home is hard, and during this current pandemic quarantine, working moms are getting a glimpse of how challenging it can be to have your kids around ALL. THE. TIME.

So for today, we’re going to focus on how to make your workout happen, even when it feels impossible!

Let’s start with a few key principles.

1. Anything is better than nothing.

You know you feel better when you get your workout in. So, even if you may not have time for what you consider to be the ideal workout, any movement will be therapeutic and move you towards your goals! If you are accustomed to an hour-long class you love, or being able to hit the gym for an hour, it can be hard to embrace having only twenty minutes to work with, but twenty minutes still beat zero minutes, every single time!

2. Sometimes the best way to make time is to steal time.

When I talk about stealing time, I mean grabbing a window here or there that might be designated for something else. I know we all love our sleep, including yours truly, but moms will tell you over and over again:

The best time to work out and know that the chances of being interrupted are at their smallest? When your family is sleeping.

I totally know it can be hard to set the alarm for even earlier, but I promise you this- if you embrace early morning workouts, you will never want to go back!

And if you just can’t make yourself do it, I still encourage you to find other ways to steal time. Maybe you can cut out thirty minutes of watching shows in the evening (and I love my shows, too, just for the record!), but get creative! The window is there if you look for it!

3. We all do better with a support or accountability group or person.

During something like a global pandemic, loneliness and isolation can really take a toll on all of us, mentally and emotionally.

The great news is- we have so many ways to connect virtually, and you can absolutely create an accountability system that can make all the difference!

One little tip: if you can, try to find a friend who doesn’t have the same excuses you do. ? If she’s likely to want to bail and encourage you to have a glass of wine over a Zoom call, but that doesn’t tempt you, she might be a good partner. If you’re likely to shorten a workout but she’s all in once she gets going, she might be a good partner!

And if you’re really struggling to find an accountability partner or group, Mom’s Running Club may be a good option for you! You 100% don’t have to be a runner. All you need to join is a desire to become the best version of yourself, in a community of amazing, supportive, positive women.

4. Even when you can’t get to the gym, you have tons of options!

When the gym isn’t an option, some of my gym rat friends feel a little disoriented, and I get it! It can be super hard to know how to find that one-of-a-kind feeling when your go-to workout options disappear.

However, with a little flexibility and an open mind, you may discover that there are workouts you love just as much, and maybe they’ll even become a regular part of finding your fitness happy place!

Of course there’s walking, running, and bike riding outdoors, but below, I am going to share some of our favorite YouTube videos. The major bonus for YouTube? Totally free! And who doesn’t love free?!

In addition, the on demand workouts these days are nothing short of incredible! Our Mom’s Running Club members are partial to Beachbody and Les Mills On Demand, but the options are truly endless!

5. Several short workouts throughout the day are just as good as one long session- and may even be better in some ways!

This is a game changer, moms! In fact, I want to share this with you for a couple reasons.

First: with all three of my pregnancies, my method for getting fit after baby was in increments of five to twenty minutes. It may take about six weeks to get cleared by your doctor, but it takes a lot longer than that for your baby to settle into any kind of routine, right?

So for a good six months, I would spend five minutes here, eight minutes there, and just do the best that I could. Even in those short windows, the burn felt great and I was gaining fitness!

And second: the burn felt great. This is such an important point about short workouts or mini workouts- they can be a wonderful way to reset mentally and emotionally!

When you’re facing something challenging that sometimes has you get down and a little bit in a funk, movement is the quickest way to reset! And so when it comes to short workouts, it almost gives four ten-minute sessions the advantage over one forty-minute workout. You get four opportunities to feel those endorphins, clear your mind, breathe deeply, and feel ready to take on the next hour or two!

6. And finally: schedule it.

This isn’t complicated so I won’t dwell on it. Putting it on your calendar or your to-do list for the day increases the likelihood of it actually happening. Saying, “I want to work out,” is nothing compared to saying, “I am working out from 1 to 2.”

And now: our favorite free YouTube Workouts!

I have a number of playlists over on my YouTube channel, from Core workouts to Running Tips to some of my favorite Yoga workouts, but I wanted to take a moment and highlight a few of our favorites!

Five Minute Workouts:

We love everything Anna Renderer does, and this standing core workout is no exception! I love a good standing core workout because it is always going to hit everything that matters- not just the six pack but also the hips and glutes and back- all essential for not just strong running but just strong LIVING!

I love this quick Shaun T workout! It’s based on his original Insanity workout, and there’s a modifier!

Five minutes of happy right here! Want a mood reset and a little burn? Here you go!

(Want ten minute workouts instead? Check out my Ten Minute Workouts Playlist here!)

Quick Core Workouts

If you haven’t done the Baby Shark core workout yet, you have to try it! And for the record: we love Athlean-X!

This core workout is simple and no-nonsense, and you absolutely don’t need the medicine ball, any weight will work, or no weight. Also, part of the reason I like to share it- the guys in your life might like his personality. 🙂

This is a workout my teenage son introduced me to, and it’s good! Don’t be too proud to take breaks, I sure do! Take a break, don’t compromise form, and get back into it!

Don’t ask me why all these are workouts by men, but it is what it is! I love James Dunne for running tips and staying healthy as a runner, and this core workout is the bomb!

Our Favorite Full-Length Workouts

I mentioned I love Beachbody, right? Well, even better- the chance to try their workouts for free! Check out their newest boxing program with this 10 Rounds workout!

And I also said how much we love Les Mills, right? This free Grit workout is so awesome! Many of their Grit workouts do require some equipment, but this one requires nothing but, well: GRIT! You’ll have to dig deep for this one, but it’s pretty amazing to get this kind of burn in such a fun format, for free, in your living room!

I could go on all day like this, sharing workouts with you, but we’ll stop with a little more sugar… PopSugar! If you like this one, you’ll find a gazillion more you’ll love on their channel or their website!

I truly hope you’re feeling inspired!

My wish is for you to feel amazing. Every mom deserves it, and every mom should be able to find that feeling.

It’s not about where you are with your fitness, or how much you weigh, or how your clothes fit.

When you focus on feeling amazing right now, today, and you focus on that feeling again and again and again- how your clothes fit will change!

I am passionate about supporting moms to love our bodies and our lives, right now. You may not have everything you want, you may not be everything you want to be, right now- but you can affect the next hour, the next day, and the next week with good, healthy, positive choices.

With a focus on what you can do today, right now, and making the most of that, each day, you bring your desired end goal closer to you!

(OH! And before I let you go, I thought I’d let you know that if you’re looking for a little inspiration to start your week off right, moms are loving our Sunday Checklist! Grab yours below!)

It is my prayer that today finds you motivated to care for your body and your health and your spirit.

And if you are struggling, I want to connect with you. My background is counseling, and my passion is helping others find their way through the weeds to discover joy, connection, and confidence! Hit me up here, anytime!