We have all been there, when life goes sideways for a day, a weekend, a week, or even several weeks or months, and we have to figure out how to get back on track with the healthy eating we know we prefer!

I know you know what I’m talking about here! It might happen from a change in schedules due to school starting or stopping, a job change, adding a child, a stressful event, or even just good old vacation. Any of these are truly legitimate reasons that a busy mom might find her nutrition derailed.

So, you want to get back to the healthy eating habits you know you love. How do you start?

I am SO glad you asked! (And yes, I know you didn’t actually ask, but if you’re still reading, I’m thinking you’re interested in this topic, so I’ll go ahead and assume, okay? 😉

Let’s dive right in, because I love this subject!

First: Get back to healthy eating with a healthy mindset.

If you know anything about how I operate, or the culture I like to encourage among the moms that I work with or the moms in Mom’s Running Club, you know this: I am all about Mindset first!

All your habits, everything positive or negative that you do consistently, is a result of how you think and what you tell yourself.

What does that mean? To keep it concise, my wish and my goal for you would be that you approach getting back to healthy eating in the most positive, self-loving manner possible.

Instead of approaching your refreshed healthy eating habits as “going on a diet” or “cutting all sugar” because “I’ve been so bad,” the language that you choose can really dictate how you feel about eating clean and healthy.

Rather than language and a mindset that is about punishing yourself for what you believe to be bad behavior, how about language and a mindset that makes you feel empowered, happy, and excited about the choices you desire to make?

Let your mindset, your thought habits, and the messages you send yourself be positive and proactive!

~Coach Cori ❤️

You will have to decide for yourself what language you love the most, what language will make you feel most empowered, but to get your creative juices flowing, here are a couple we love:

  • “I’m getting back to healthy eating because I love how I feel when I give my body healthy foods.”
  • “I am going to eat the way I teach my kids to eat, because I am just as important as they are.”
  • “I am so excited to feel that clean, lean feeling I have when I fuel my body well!”

Second: Free yourself of the “diet mentality.”

We all know diets don’t work. In fact, “diet” is kind of a four-letter word around here, because they rarely lead anywhere positive.

Okay, do diets work?

Sure. You may lose weight, and you may even lose weight fast.

But keep it off? Maintain it as a lifestyle?


That is so very rare, because it’s so very unnatural. If it’s a plan someone else has created, then it is not your plan. It doesn’t take into account your taste buds, your families’ taste buds, the demands on your time, your budget… I could go on and on.

Suffice it to say, going on a diet is pretty much never the answer to feeling like you have gone sideways.

What is the answer then?

I totally get it. It IS helpful to be told what to eat and when, especially if you feel like you really have never eaten well and don’t know where to start.

And the truth is, twice a year, I offer a course called The Love Strong Mom Formula, which can take you from square one all the way to having a customized nutrition and fitness plan. It’s a systematic approach to getting to know your body and creating a plan that is all yours, created for you, tailored by you, and can free you from ever having to again think about another diet!

But let’s get back to today. Today you want to know how to eat well, to get your nutrition back on track, to get back to feeling how you feel when you eat healthy. I got you. Check out the last step…

How to Get Back on Track with Healthy Eating
How to Get Back on Track with Healthy Eating

Third: Think of every day as a clean slate.

I truly believe that this is a life-changing, transformative principle, especially for busy moms:

Your goal is simply nothing more than making today a great day for your nutrition and health and wellness.

Think about that, my friend.

Forget what you ate yesterday.

If it was wonderful and amazing, then take it and learn from it, replicate it, do it again!

If you ate poorly and feel lousy as a result, then take it and learn from it, and then let it go. You can’t go back, you can only go forward, so beating yourself up serves absolutely no purpose.

When your child messes up, do you hold it over them and remind them of it? Or do you help them learn and forgive them?

Right. And you deserve the same love as any precious child, especially the love you give to yourself.

So, when you look to eat better, take it a day at a time!

Plan ahead, YES! Have a plan! I’ll give you a few tips in the last step because planning ahead makes the likelihood of success so much greater.

However, when it comes to how you’re eating, how you’re moving, how you’re drinking tons of water and caring for your body?

Focus on today. Focus on right now.

When it comes time to make yourself breakfast or decide on a snack, or even decide whether you really and truly want that chocolate or that glass of wine, simply ask yourself this amazing and powerful question:

“Will this make me feel the way I want to feel today?”

Or put another way: “Will eating this (doing this, drinking this) make me feel proud and satisfied and accomplished when I put my head on the pillow tonight?”

You won’t be perfect. None of us do it perfectly. But enough good days, even simply more good days than less-than-good days, all strung together? That’s you, moving in the direction you want to go!

(And if you’d like to just jump into Intuitive Eating, which is the best ever, you can check out that post here, or download your Intuitive Eating PDF below!)

And finally: If you’d like a plan of attack, here you go!

Hopefully you are tuned in to your body and you know exactly how you want to eat and drink and move when you make the decision to get back to healthy eating.

But if this is all new to you, and you are saying right now, “Cori, please, just tell me how to push reset, I have no idea!” then I got you.

My wish for you will always be that you become a Love Strong Mom, one who works out hard because she loves it, and eats well because she knows what foods her body loves, but for now, if that’s not you yet, then I’ll share my simple formula for how I push reset!

Here you go!

Number One: Drink half your body weight in ounces of water.

  • If you weigh 150, for example, your water goal is 75 ounces. The magic in water is that it is a super simple, clean way to detox. If you’re not used to drinking that much water, you may think you’re in the bathroom constantly. That’s part of the idea, my friend!
  • When you drink plenty of water, you are naturally detoxing, you won’t mistake hunger for thirst, and you will stave off headaches and irritability that can come from dehydration.
  • So drink up!

Number Two: Get your five and eat the rainbow!

  • Again, so simple. This isn’t about what you’re not allowed to eat, it’s about putting more goodness in!
  • Five servings of fruits and veggies per day is the recommended, but not many of us do it. If you do it, you will automatically be getting tons of nutrients and fiber.

Number Three: Eat at regular intervals and listen to your hunger cues.

  • Many of us have been trained to ignore our hunger cues because we think that being healthy means starving ourselves, a throwback to deprivation diets and other such misery.
  • The truth is, if you want to eat well, you want to avoid ever getting so hungry that you no longer have control over your choices!
  • When you are purposeful and eat a sensible amount of nutrient dense foods when hunger strikes, you’ll keep your blood sugar even and those hangry cravings at bay.
  • The best way to reset your body: good, quality food at regular intervals. NOT starving and depriving!

Number Four: Last but not least: think whole foods first.

  • Your body will always run and feel better on foods in their natural state.
  • All that means: choose a whole apple over apple flavored fritter, for example. Or choose a chicken breast over packaged chicken nuggets. It’s not complicated!
  • And for the record- this doesn’t mean you have to cook everything yourself! Goodness knows you’re too busy for that! So, when you choose a packaged food, simply read the labels and try to choose those foods with ingredients you recognize or would find in your kitchen!

Rather than jumping on another diet or cleanse bandwagon, getting back to healthy eating can be a simple mindfulness practice you implement whenever you feel the urge!

Make your self-care about love, not frustration, disappointment, starvation, or punishment!

When you do that, and you do it often enough, you will discover a new way to live your healthiest life- and I promise, it’s worth it!

What questions are popping up for you? Comment below or as always, I welcome your email here!

And if you want to be sure to find out the next time we run The Love Strong Mom Formula (usually September and January) sign up by clicking below!

Until next time, take care of yourself like you’d care for your kids or your best friend. 😉