What is your Why?

Why do you want to pursue a healthy lifestyle?

If the reasons are powerful enough, nothing will stop you!

But if the reasons are superficial or lack true meaning for you, you will struggle.

So much of the psychology surrounding living well is soooo simple…. but it’s simple, but not easy.

My wish for you is that by the time you finish this short blog post, you will be on the path to lifelong health and wellness, and be unstoppable!

First, let’s start by establishing a mutual understanding of your Why.

A few years back, Simon Sinek got on stage for a Ted Talk that went viral, and then some. In that talk he encouraged listeners to “Start with Why.”

And since then, the term Why has gained a capital letter and gained power as a tool that anyone can use, anytime, to drill down on their deepest motivations and desires.

You can have multiple Why’s. You might have a Why for your work, a Why for your faith, a Why for how you are for your family. One thing that I have consistently found with moms is this: our Why for how we care for our family is usually easy to connect with, and easy to keep front and center.

But when it comes to your Why for why you want to consistently eat well, exercise consistently, and prioritize your rest and recovery?

A lot of us haven’t really taken the time to connect with that particular Why!

Are you getting an idea of what a Why might be?

Essentially, your Why for your health and wellness can be defined as:

The deepest, most meaningful reason(s) you want to be healthy and fit.

When you connect with your Why, excuses fall away. Yes, life still will be busy, and surprises still will come up and threaten to derail you from your goals, but when your Why is powerful? You will find a way.

How can you discover your Why?

Even if you think you know your Why, this is a great practice, so I encourage you to walk through it anyway!

Step One: Give yourself some time and space.

If you are about to spend time learning your most deep-seated reason that you want to be healthy and fit for life, you can afford to spend twenty or thirty uninterrupted minutes, right?

So, grab a notebook or open up a new Note on your computer or phone. Make a cup of coffee or crack open a LaCroix or fill your favorite tumbler with some fresh ice water. Plug in your earbuds or situate your young kids.

And get ready to engage with you and your heart.

Step Two: Write down your most common reasons for why you have struggled in the past with your health and fitness.

This is my own personal twist on finding your Why.

Before you start exploring and discovering, I want you to just get really honest with yourself, because it’s helpful to know what you’re up against.

When we name it, we begin to have the ability to beat it.

So before you start drilling down on your Why, first let’s take an honest look at what’s kept you stuck in the past.

When you’ve started a fitness or nutrition program, where have you fallen off?

What are your most common excuses?

Is it time? Struggling with hitting snooze and not getting in the early morning workouts? Wanting to just collapse on the couch and not getting in the after-work workouts?

What is happening when you start to fall off your healthy habits?

Write them down.

Step Three: Begin diving deep by asking yourself the question: Why do I want to be healthy and fit?

I know! Right now you’re thinking, “Seriously, Cori? You made me read all the way to here for this!?” I get it! Hang with me!

So, what did you come up with? Write it down.

Step Four: Look at your answer to that last question. And then ask yourself: Why do I want to be (fill in the answer to the last question here)?

So, now you may be mildly annoyed. Or you may be thinking, “Ohhhh….. I see where you’re going with this.”

If you’re mildly annoyed, hang with me. If you’re catching on, let’s go!!!

What did you come up with? Write it down.

Step Five: Repeat Step Four as many times as necessary until you discover a reason or reasons that you know are powerful enough to be stronger than your most common excuses.

What should happen is this: the more you drill down, the deeper you go, the more you’ll feel a sense of “Ah-ha!” as Oprah likes to put it.

You may think you want to be healthy because you are tired of squeezing into your jeans and refuse to buy new ones.

But why do you refuse to buy new jeans?

The answer might be: because you don’t want to spend the money, but it might also be: because you know you really want to be leaner and you know you’ve been doing too much late night snacking.

So, why do you want to be leaner? And why do you want to move away from the late night snacking?

The answer might be: because you feel better when you’re moving more and not eating mindlessly.

So, why do you want to stop eating mindlessly and start moving more?

The answer might be: because you know that the mindless eating is an unhealthy way to cope with the stress of the past few months, and you know that exercise and eating better will help you not only deal with the stress but feel better.

So why do you want to deal with the stress in a healthier way?

The answer might be: because you know that you want to be a role model for your kids of how to handle tough times with strength and resilience.


I don’t know about you, but as I walked through this hypothetical mama, when I got to that last sentence, I had goosebumps.

That, my friends, is a powerful Why.

Now that you understand how this works, it’s time to block some time and discover your Why!

Once you do, you can do the next step:

How can you stay connected to your Why?

This is the fun part! You now have this amazing, beautiful tool, now, how are you going to use it!?

Your mission: to keep that Why front and center.

When life takes over, and we both know it will, you can turn to that Why, and it will help you push aside the excuses and do what you truly want to do, which is stick with your health and wellness routines.

As much as I love helping you find your Why, I love this step equally as much, because this is where you get to get creative!

I truly believe that, once you build your healthy habits, you will no longer need to keep a visual tool to remind you of your Why. Once you’re in love with how you feel and feeling confident and strong as you make your Why a driving force in your wellness routines, you’ll be good. To. Go.

But as you are getting started, I encourage you to get creative.

What are some ways to keep your Why front and center?

Old-School Post-It Notes

Simple, and yet they are still around for a reason: they do the job!

Write out your Why a dozen times, and stick it all over the place! Your bathroom mirror, your car dash, your rearview mirror, on the refrigerator, on the back door, next to your alarm clock…. You get the idea!

Old-School 3×5 Cards

Use 3×5 cards if you prefer, in the same way you can use Post-It Notes!

A cute and creative wallpaper for your phone.

I love the Rhonna Design and WordSwag apps to make cute images with those you love, to help you keep your Why top of mind!

A cute and creative wallpaper for your computer.

Again: same as you’d create for your phone!

Send yourself a reminder each day.

I love this one, because I love the idea of making that reminder a time of centering in on your Why. When it pops across your phone or watch screen, just take a moment to honor and appreciate how deeply you desire a healthy, strong, empowered lifestyle.

So, there you have it! You now know how to discover your Why, and you have some ideas to get you started on how to keep your Why front and center!

I hope that you will give yourself the gift of truly engaging with this concept. My goal and my wish and my dream is that every mom is able to feel healthy and fit, without counting or obsessing. There are so many roads to your healthiest lifestyle, but knowing your deepest motivation is essential.

When you connect with your Why and continually reconnect with it, you will become unstoppable! Being healthy will stop being something you have to work for, and simply the way you live your life, day in and day out.

And because I want that so much for you, I thought I’d put together a Find Your Why Worksheet. My hope is that it will give you the little push to sit down and devote the time to you.

Grab it below!

And then: hit me up! Email me here, or connect with me on social: I really and truly want to hear what you’re discovering!

Until next time, go do something that lights you up and makes you feel ALIVE!