Discover how you personally want to move, nourish, and care for your unique and beautiful body, mind, and spirit.

Your Body Peace is a program designed to guide women and girls to their own personalized approach to nutrition and fitness, through breaking free of diet culture, embracing movement for how it makes us feel, and connecting with others on the same mission.

If any of these sound familiar, Your Body Peace might be the game changer for you:

  • You have spent too many years of the diet roller coaster. You may have lost some weight with diets, but nothing has helped you actually learn to eat in the way that you want to, for life.

  • When you overeat, you feel bad about yourself and beat yourself up.

  • You feel insecure and critical when you look at your body in the mirror.

  • You are just tired of comparing yourself to all the images you see in the media or on social media, and then feeling bad about yourself. (Optional: feeling bad about yourself makes you want to go eat a bag of Oreos.)

  • When it comes to your health and fitness, you often feel overwhelmed with disappointment and frustration that you can’t just figure it out. (Especially if you’re generally successful with the rest of your life!)

  • You sometimes wonder if you’re even doing this thing called life right, and struggle with wishing you felt like you’re really living out your purpose.

What is Your Body Peace?

  • Your Body Peace is a program, and a community.
  • It is a set of principles designed to help you discover peace in your body, through:
    • Reconnecting with your body.

    • Movement and exercise that makes you feel healthy and strong.

    • Learning how to eat intuitively, in the way that makes you feel the way you want to feel!

    • Discovering the role that mindfulness can play in not only your body peace, but your overall sense of presence, purpose, and connection.

How does it work?

  • Over ten weeks, you will get to know a group of women on the same journey as you.

  • You will learn the body peace principles together, and have the opportunity to discuss them, ask questions, and (in a good way) challenge everything you thought you knew about health and fitness.

  • As you’re learning, you will develop your own fitness and nutrition program, designed to help you learn how to eat and move well, for life.

  • You will benefit from the accountability and support of your community, both during the program, and for as long as you desire afterwards.

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