What’s it all about? Let’s talk!

A few weeks ago, I emailed my list and told you all about this new course that’s on the horizon.

And it’s still on the horizon, but I wanted to share a bit more.

This is, without a doubt, a labor of love.

(If I’m being honest? Everything I do here with Mom’s Running Club and my community is a labor of love.)

It’s done 100% because I love seeing moms feel healthy and strong and confident. 

And this course? This is the ultimate, all my heart, all I’ve learned, all I want to share. 

So it’s taking a bit of time.  (Okay, it’s taking a looooonnnng time.) 

But it’s gonna be amazing! 

Coming Soon: The Love Strong Mom Formula!

The Love Strong Mom Formula

Today I wanted to take just a couple of minutes and share with you what the course is all about, what will be included, and how you can take advantage of a special early bird opportunity to hop in on the first run of it!

So first, what the heck is Love Strong?

Love Strong is about who we are as moms, and also who I want to encourage you to aspire to be.

What does that mean? Here it is in a nutshell:

  • As moms, we Love Strong. Everything we do, it’s really all about our families. Whether it’s all the behind-the-scenes stuff like groceries and cleaning and errands and emails and appointments, or it’s being at the games and performances, or being there when a friend is unkind… our entire world revolves around loving our families and caring for them.
  • And I’d like to encourage us to think of our fitness and our health as an area in which we can Love Strong, both literally and figuratively.
  • Love the feeling of strong! Love the challenge of becoming your very best you. Love the sweat, the burn, the challenge, the victory. This is my wish for moms.
  • I keep coming back to the quote from Socrates that says, “It is is a shame for a woman to grow old never seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable.”
  • I believe that moms can find so much joy, empowerment, satisfaction, and confidence in finding our strength. And when we do that, we not only have more energy physically, but our sense of our ability to truly do more day-to-day, to be more to those who need us, to take on new challenges in other areas of our lives… it expands as we find our strength!
The  Love Strong Mom Formula #moms #motherhood

So that’s the philosophical foundation. What does the formula look like?

The Love Strong Mom Formula is a three-month program.

In those three months you will address all the areas of your health and wellness, including mindset, fitness, nutrition, rest and rejuvenation, and even relationships.

And the best part? You do it with a community of moms like you.

You’ll define your goals and then go through the training, learning how to eat for health and for life, without obsessing or counting or starving.

You’ll learn how to achieve your ideal weight while still enjoying chocolate and cocktails- if that’s your thing. Or if your thing is chips and ice cream, there’s room for those too!

Over the three months, you’ll learn what combinations of food your body loves, what foods make you feel sluggish or bloated, and what types of treats you can enjoy in moderation while still feeling lean and strong.

Essentially: you will learn how to eat well, for life! This isn’t a diet, and you’re going to learn why you never want to go on another diet, and will never have to, once you tune in to your body!

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