And Training Plans

Individualized Running Coaching:

You are unique.

No one else has the same current fitness level, goals, history, and demands on your time.

Your training plan should reflect that, and with individualized coaching, it will! Scroll down for more info!

Body Peace Coaching:

It’s time to learn a new way of caring for your body.

We offer group and individual body peace coaching. Scroll down to find out more!

What You Get with Running coaching:

  • Your own Certified Running Coach
  • A fully customized program
  • Unlimited schedule adjustments
  • Unlimited contact via text, e-mail
  • Video check in calls as needed
  • A free VDOT02 account
  • Customized training paces
  • Initial kick-off training video call
  • Race day strategy & Pre-Race Video Call 
  • Online community & team support

Your Investment:

Why would you want to hire a running coach?

1. A running coach can help you define, and achieve, your goals

When you begin running it can be hard to know how much is enough, and how much is too much. Beginner runners often experience frustration when they don’t progress as fast as they’d like, or they progress too quickly and get injured. A running coach can help you build your running in the healthiest way possible, so you continue getting stronger every day and every week. And when that happens, you might be amazed at just what a strong runner you can be!

2. A running coach can help you build a training plan that fits your lifestyle, and adapt when necessary

There are plenty of online training plans, and a lot of them are great! But when life takes over and you can’t get in all your workouts for a week, are you supposed to go back and redo last week? Or keep going as if you’d done those workouts? A running coach can answer those questions, or simply rebuild your schedule based on whatever life throws at you.

3. If you’re going to train, why not train in a way that makes you tap into your potential?

A professional running coach can meet you exactly where you are now, and then help you become the best version of you that you can be!
Running is a great way to get fit, but if you’re going to run, why not make your running deliberate, and see just how strong you can get? When you push your body to see what you’re made of, you will be surprised at the results- and your coach can help you really dig deep!

4. How do you know what to eat before your workout? Or before your race? Or how to add strength training in? Or how to prevent injuries?

A good running coach can help answer all those questions, and more!


“Thank you all for your support and holding me accountable. This was definitely the kick in the pants I needed to commit to a lifestyle change.”


“I learned it’s possible to carve out time in a crazy schedule to do something that makes me feel good about myself.”


“I have loved meeting new friends and making connections with awesome women. Also, I feel better about my body and more importantly, my body feels better! The endorphins from running make life better for yourself and those around you!”


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